Marketplace-to-Marketplace Arbitrage

The Core of Your Business is Your Inventory

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could source inventory even faster while increasing your ROI? Spending all day manually searching for products takes time and money.

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Save Even More Time

Sourcing products can be stressful and time consuming.  With millions of products out in the world finding the right products can be overwhelming.

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Make Even More Money

Whither you're a tenured expert or just starting. Online arbitrage can be challenging if you don't utilize your tools and make informed buying decision fast.

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Do Even More Things

LacROI software finds millions of profitable products on eBay to sell on Amazon in seconds. Accelerate sales estimate in Q1 by finding profitable products faster.

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Online Arbitrage at scale

Data-Driven Sourcing Tool

Source from one marketplace

LacROI is currently free and will change the way you source for products. There are a bunch of variables on the perfect product.

Sell on your marketplace

We simplify that by helping you find products that give you higher margins and greater Return On Investment (ROI).

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Let Lacroi Increase your roi

Time Spent / Money Saved = ROI

Spending all day manually searching for products takes time and money. We would rather plug in a good product once and let the money roll in.

Collects The ROI For You

Takes the prices points of each product and shows you the Return-on-Investment (ROI) so can scroll through the best products.

Compares Prices Marketplaces

Every product you search for has data next to the items that allows you to compare prices on the marketplace that sells it higher.

Data-Driven Calculations

Shows the data of products so you know what sells better and gives insight of the marketplace that has best ROI.

Finds Products at Scale

LacROI will quickly allow you to buy products at scale with the LacROI Data the gives you the abilities to buy faster.

CSV Upload Capabilities

This feature changes the way you can find products. You can upload your favorite products so you can find your ROI Faster.

Auto Detects fraud & IP

While searching LacROI detects the products that are scams and products which aren't recommended to sell on your marketplace.

Available on the Chrome Web Store

Data-driven chrome extension that allows you to search products at scale  and scroll through thousands of products that give you the exact ROI so you can sell on your marketplace for higher margins.

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Sourcing products at scale has never been easier. Plug in a good product once and let the money roll in. Begin a new way to source in just one click.

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Source Products at Scale

Start instantly sourcing and find profitable products with the highest ROI to sell on your marketplace.

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You'll have access to a lucrative way of growing and scaling your business. LacROI is designed for entrepreneurs.

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The right inventory sourced at the right price with the right sales rank will help you start making really good money.

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