About Us

Our Mission

Make entrepreneurship more accessible and lucrative.

We created LacROI with the passion to help resellers source more products to sell on their marketplace as we kept optimizing and improving our sourcing approach. Our very first goal was to make entrepreneurship more accessible and lucrative. However it was only after sourcing products from yard sales, retail arbitraging, thrifting and putting on estate sales that we realized it wasn't scaleable and growing the way we wanted. That's when we started testing out eBay on Amazon. Our LacROI Software has allowed our business to make a full circle in the way we streamline the process of reselling.


Our Team

Our leaders champion every aspect of LacROI's business from product innovation and customer service to marketing, operations, logistics, workforce issues.

Ty Blunt
From inventing the ESA Go, to working with and learning from mentors in Silicon Valley, Ty has seen a lot. Though most of his professional background is in venture capitalism and software startups.

Micah Sparks
Micah's passion is to grow and learn. He has a bachelor's degree in psychology from Grand Canyon University and is a high school athletic coach. He is an experienced business partner who has successfully gained skills in operations strategy, online sales, data analysis, and most importantly coaching and building processes for a growing team.
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