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Quick Answers to

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the market to saturated to start new?

There's four million products are above that 1% mark and probably even another million that are sold out or slow stock they have high sales, right even though they'll move when they sell when they're in there. So there's a lot of things. There's a lot of things are new and there’s a lot of things re new. Is just incredible amount.

The marketplace to marketplace method is always constantly turning. There's always going to be a new stuff coming up and then new stuff coming off. And same with every other, like every other marketplace. There's people posting on these marketplace day in and day out. So there's stuff coming in, stuff coming out, there's more flow. So in terms of like let's call it like cash.

Let's say each big marketplace has a bunch of cash running in there, right, you want to have as much cash going in and coming out as possible because you have more opportunity. That's the biggest thing, but there's so many ways to do this.To start new products, it seemed a bit harder just because like we're in that is well, like we only do new right now. So there's kind of like the bigger players are in new. It's not as low hanging fruit, but it's still possible, it really is still possible.

Can I cancel my account plan at any time?

Yup. Of Course. Money back. Guaranteed.

How do you find the prize to flip from eBay to Amazon?

you had to find a brand that works and then you start buying off that brand. Go new and used. Look on the Lacroix software, will give you a green mark and the ROI that you want and then just make sure that the margins are in there that you want. Stick with one niche first or one brand first. I say brand, go around, ask brand, you can do make sure you can sell it new or you used again.

What programs do you use to manage your business?

We do a few of them. For you starting out, you don't really need them. Right? I say do is bare minimum as possible to get through. Our software is free, so that is a great extension to use. Also, the AMZ Scout calculator is free as well. So those are two free extensions that you can use, which are very, very, very helpful. But we also use Jungle Scout and keep our other two main guys that we go to other than our software.

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